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Audi A1 e-tron
yago le dim 14 nov 2010 à 17:10

What is it?

The A1 e-tron is a prototype version of the new A1 hatchback and can probably be awarded the title of the first true 'range extender' electric car.

It is powered primarily by an electric motor driving the front wheels, powered by a small battery pack. However, when the battery is exhausted, a tiny Wankel engine (mounted under the boot floor) kicks in and drives a generator, which, in turn, powers the electric motor. Like nearly all electric cars, the A1 has a single speed transmission.

The combination of a (three-hour) full battery charge from the household mains, and the petrol in the car’s three-gallon tank, gives a claimed 148mpg (1.9l/100km) on the upcoming EU electric vehicle test cycle.

The motor is good for 60bhp and 111lb ft of torque on a continuous basis, but is capable of 101bhp and 177lb ft for short bursts.

In place of the usual ICE transmission, the A1 e-tron's nose not only gets the electric motor, but also houses a DC/DC inverter, the motor’s electronic control system, a battery charger, a standard 12v battery and a high voltage air conditioning compressor.

Situated in the rear half of the transmission tunnel and under the rear seats is the car’s Sanyo Lithium-Ion battery pack. A relatively modest 12kWh (half the size of battery pack used by the Nissan Leaf) will take the A1 around 31 miles in most normal conditions, arguably enough range for the average European or US commute.

What makes the A1 e-tron really special is the 'Range Extender generator module'. This is based around a tiny, 245cc, single rotar, Wankel engine. It generates a maximum 20bhp, driving a generator, which provides electricity once the battery has been run down to its lowest charge.
The Wankel engine, generator, power electronics, induction and exhaust system have been combined into a module that weighs just 65kg and fits under the A1's boot floor, without compromising luggage space. There’s even room under the floor for the Bose Hi-Fi’s bass booster.

The Chevy Volt was trailed by GM as being a range extender but, in certain high-speed situations, the Volt's engine can be coupled directly to the car’s electric motor. The A1 e-tron, however, is a true range extender in that the engine is not connected in any way to the wheels.
This completely new drivetrain has not changed the A1 in any significant way. The only external differences are the Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic roof panel and wheels. Compared to the massively compromised Mini E, the A1 e-tron is in another league.

What's it like?

Genuinely exceptional.
Even though our test drive was on a circuit, it's hard to believe that the e-tron is not showroom ready. In fact, much of development was completed in virtual reality and real-world trials with members of the public began in Paris this summer.
In pure electric mode it is swift and quiet and handles very tidily. Despite the extra weight of the range extender running gear, the A1 had enough verve to be interesting.

Under hard acceleration it is satisfyingly quick and impressively noiseless. After a few laps of the circuit (which was laid out to imitate town driving) and a few full-bore accelerative runs, I lamented to the engineer in the passenger seat that 'I hadn't got the Wankel engine to kick in'.
In fact, it had, four times. It was so quiet, so well insulated and so inherently smooth running I just hadn’t noticed. Audi claims that further refinement improvements are in the pipeline.

Using the stock automatic gear lever, the driver can select either 'D', 'R', 'N' or 'Range', the latter allowing the engine to cut in an out during normal driving to help preserve the battery.
Not all Range Extender systems will be this well integrated or refined, but this system has to be the way forward for production electric vehicles. Not only does it completely overcome 'range anxiety' but it's also much more cost-effective than a longer range, pure EV.

For example, the money saved by using a battery half the size of the one in the Nissan Leaf, is far more than than cost of adding the A1's range extender module.

Should I buy one?

If you could, I’d recommend it very highly.
But you can't. And despite the A1 e-tron’s advanced state, it is still some way from being given the green light by Audi's board.
Insiders hint that the current strategy is to first introduce electric motivation on high-end Audi models. That would be a huge mistake. This A1 is far more sophisticated and production ready than the R8 e-tron, which is scheduled for small-scale production in 2012.

On this limited showing, I'd say it was also better than Chevy's Volt.

Of anything Audi has done in the last decade, it is probably this exceptional car which best lives up to the company's 'Vorsprung Durch Technik' mission statement. It really has to find its way into the showroom.

Je crée un topic juste pour l'e-tron car tout le monde s'en fout dans le topic A1 :D

Et puis malgré le nom débile, Autocar a l'air vraiment enthousiaste et je dois dire que ça m'excite aussi plus qu'une Volt sur le papier :D
yago le dim 14 nov 2010 à 17:11 (Audi A1 e-tron footage - YouTube)
YouTube -
yago le dim 14 nov 2010 à 17:16
Toniciano le dim 14 nov 2010 à 18:53
Respect à Audi pour afficher une caisse dans Paris, avec ce nom écrit en énorme :D :good:

Le Wankel de retour chez "NSU" ! Un juste retour des choses, si ça sortait :cool:
yago le dim 14 nov 2010 à 20:31
Leur filiale française a quand même dû leur faire la remarque, c'est pas possible :D
kanter le lun 15 nov 2010 à 08:14
Je trouve le nom tout à fait adapté!:good:
jacquesvabre le lun 15 nov 2010 à 08:37
Ils ont décidé que leur renommée leur permettait de passer outre les moqueries en France, marché pourtant pas tout à fait négligeable me semble-t-il. C'est assez révélateur de l'état d'esprit des marketeux de la marque je pense, "le client a déjà l'immense honneur d'acheter un produit exceptionnel, s'il n'est pas content, il peut toujours fermer sa gueule" :cool:
avantime75 le lun 15 nov 2010 à 09:40
MadMax le lun 15 nov 2010 à 10:51
Citation de JV :

« le client a déjà l'immense honneur d'acheter un produit exceptionnel, s'il n'est pas content, il peut toujours fermer sa gueule »

:D :good:
zorglub007 le lun 15 nov 2010 à 11:03
kanter> :good:
bagaço le lun 15 nov 2010 à 15:30
c'est vrai que sur ce coup là ça le fait pas :D autant la mito ça peut passer , z'auraient du faire comme toyota et sa MR2 :D
moulcake le lun 15 nov 2010 à 16:09
Le nom me fera toujours marrer, c'est comme avec la kia soul tu peux te justifier auprès des fdo que c'est pas toi qui est bourré mais la bagnole :D
avantime75 le lun 15 nov 2010 à 18:51
J' y avais même pas pensé pour la Kia! :D
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