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Rinspeed Cyan
carvad le dim 11 août 2013 à 09:26
In fact Rinspeed Cyan was based on EB110 GT, s/n 39051. According to Rinspeed press-release (http://www.rinspeed.eu/concep​t-detail.php?cid=20) Cyan has the engine from the SS model installed. But power 600hp does not match the factory data for SS (611hp). It makes me think that maybe the car is equipped with the same engine with increased power.

There are two points of view from people who involved in this project. Frank Rinderknecht says that SS engine was swapped after the car was being built when it was back at the factory for a check-up. But according to Mr. Frederico Trombi this car (39051) was not managed by the technical departament.

Below you can see the Cyan engine. It looks like the GT engine, isn't it? Also I've attached image of the SS engine.

Cyan engine

EB110 SS engine

chrisfoss le lun 12 août 2013 à 23:48
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